You Can Still Get Fit: Upper Body, Chest & Triceps

Start Moderately:

Start with simples, low-impact exercises, but steadily increase their difficulty. Each session should be challenging but not grueling – it’s good to feel sore the following morning – bad to feel hobbled.

Start with the first exercise and do sets of 15 to 20 reps, taking two to four minutes of rest between each set.

Goal: Complete three of these exercise sessions per week


Knee Push Ups: You probably know how to do a classic push up. In this variation, your weight is on your hands and knees rather than on your hands and toes.






Classic Push Ups; Support yourself on your toes and hands below your shoulders, arms extended, and back and legs straight. Lower your chest to the floor by bending at the elbows – keep your back and legs straight throughout – then extend your arms and returning to starting position.





Feet Elevated Push Ups: In this more challenging variation, the feet are on a raised surface instead of the floor. This surface should be approximately knee height when you’re standing – A chair or bench is a good option.

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