World Physical Therapy Day

Guest post by Floraine Emata-Pagcu, PT, DOR

Saturday, September 8th is World Physical Therapy Day.  This day is an opportunity for physical therapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution our profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

The human body is remarkably easy to damage and break, and no more so than when aging.  Physical therapists work to undo damage, educate on healthy behavior , to restore lost or damaged functionality and at times train on adapting to irreversible deficits with outmost independence. Physical Therapy Day, then, is dedicated to our professional colleagues throughout the world, and aims to recognize our commitment to keeping everyone physically fit.

Prime Rehabilitation Services along with Mobile Therapy Services celebrates our dedicated and excellent team of Physical Therapists along with our founder, Yaffa Liebermann, who is a Physical Therapist for 50+ years. She is a Geriatric Clinical Specialist (GCS), board certified by the APTA, have treated thousands of patients and loved each one of them.

Recently, Yaffa was nominated for the Marilyn Moffat Leadership Award in Physical Therapy.  Colleagues wrote within their nomination letters the following:

“Yaffa Liebermann has committed herself to a life of outstanding clinical practice, positively impacting the quality of practice and the clinical practice of others while contributing to the state associations.  As a keynote speaker at many universities and industry conferences, Yaffa Liebermann, PT, CEO is highly regarded amongst her peers. She continues educate therapists about how patients can breathe better and perform movements in a safe and correct way—so they can prevent future injuries and carry their bodies in a healthy and beautiful way. “

“Yaffa Liebermann is an extraordinary physical therapist; highly regarded in her company and throughout the community. Her ability to hear her patient’s needs coupled with her extensive knowledge of Physical Therapy along with her insightful approach to problem solving has led to her becoming the choice of generations of patients, as well as many clinicians and their own families.”

“Yaffa Liebermann’s strengths are illustrated by her unwavering commitments to the Physical Therapy profession, her patients, her clients and her employees.”

“As a female business owner and treating therapist, Yaffa Liebermann is a role model for other physical therapists.  Her first- authored book, Stroke Restoration:  Functional Movements for Patients and Caregivers, along with her children’s books, I Stand-up Straight, along with two workbooks and a video on YouTube demonstrate her passion and purpose to advocate for physical therapy in different formats.”

“Yaffa Liebermann’s vision and leadership are remarkable, and her accomplishments have been transformative for her company. She has been a role model, change agent, and advocate for the benefits of physical therapy.”

Prime Rehabilitation Services along with Mobile Therapy Services is so proud to represent Physical Therapy throughout the health care industry by employing a group of compassionate and well skilled therapists while sharing its invaluable need, especially within the geriatric community.

On Saturday, please walk an extra few steps in honor and recognition of the importance of physical therapy and the impact it has on so many lives, not just patients, families, and caregivers.


  1. Roxie Jackson on September 7, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    How true the words that have been written to describe Mrs Yaffa Lieberman in reguard to the world of Physical Therapy and what she represents. I’m so proud to know Mrs Liebermann and be associated with world of Physical Therapy. Roxie

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