Visiting the Pentagon


With Memorial day approaching, we decided to visit the work place of our son Oren Liebermann who is the CNN correspondent in the Pentagon. It was an experience that I would like to share with you and also to encourage you to visit Washington D.C. which is rich with impressive monuments, museums, and the government buildings.  


The Security: In preparing for our visit, we filled out the “typical” health questionnaire. The entrance through security was a pleasant experience with everyone waving directed hands to show us where to go and which door to enter.  Just beyond the security checkpoint,  we met with our son and needed to stay at his side during our visit – no wandering allowed. I also saw other groups of visitors with a guide.


The Building: An impressive and spacious building, wide corridors, nice wooden door frames, nice staircases.  The walls boasted information and presentations of all the many people who work in the Pentagon. Each group had it’s own section on the wall through the corridor. It was an uplifting experience to know who is taking care of the military and subsequently us.


The Decoration: If time was unlimited, I would have stayed and read wall to wall.  It was an excellent presentation of the wars in which the people of this country fought.  Scenes depicting happiness, sadness, courage, fights and honor where projected from all angles of the corridors.


The People: I felt welcomed and honored by everyone when introduced to them.  I also felt safe and proud while walking in the corridors and looking at the people. They are investing their time and energy to protect us currently but also looking/shaping the future.  Since I am a physical therapist, I found myself observing the way people were walking and realized that the vast majority had good posture and walked proudly.  It looks like they all followed my book: “I Stand up Straight”.  They did not need to read any book- they served, or are still serving in the military which is the best school to learn good posture, among other things, and the training of walking straight will stay in their body forever.


CNN Room: The media has a  designated section in the Pentagon and each news station has its own room. The atmosphere is very friendly, everyone knows everyone and they are all on good terms with each other.  It came to me as a surprise because they work in competing news stations, but this is their workplace and the pleasant atmosphere contributes to good and productive results. The CNN room was small and insulated. It was fun to see how it is arranged to accommodate two people.  Barbara Star in the morning / early afternoon and Oren Liebermann in the afternoon until late night. The reporters do not chase the news – Pentagon press secretary John Kirby is holding news briefing that all the correspondents are attending.  We took a few pictures standing at the podium with our son.


Oren’s Report:  It is a proud moment to be able to watch your own child in action and to see how the report on TV is being prepared and presented.  Oren prepared his presentation and was notified from the center for the time of the report in order to be standing by, when the center checked with him.  We were able to watch him from the room sitting below the camera.  It was interesting to see the smaller size of the room in reality versus our larger perception. We were so proud to be present during his report and felt even more connected to him as parents.


It was a great experience visiting the Pentagon and observing our son working on the job.  I highly recommend that parents visit your children’s workplace.  It is a wonderful occasion for both you and the child regardless of his/her age.


I highly recommend a visit to the nation’s Capital, whether single, with a partner and/or as a family.  Learn about the past, present and the future of our nation.  See monuments, museums and government buildings.  A reminder to check hours of operation for the venues you wish to visit and whether there are special events anywhere in the city, to plan your trip accordingly.  


Enjoy the experience and be proud of our country.


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