Royal Wedding Changed History

We were present when history took few steps forward. A royal English prince married a beautiful divorced women that her proud mother is African American.

It was an honor to watch and be part of historical changes, to see the wedding of multi culture.  A Westminster church’s choir is singing on one side and an African American choir on the other side. Both English and African American ministers had their individual time to talk.  Prince Charles and Meghan’s mother walking together.

On this day, Prince Harry changed history with his love and willpower.  We wish Harry and Meghan a long, happy marriage ahead.

Serena Willams was among the guests as the camera revealed her beautiful dress and fascinator (fancy English hat).  She was smiling, happy and engaged in the ceremony.  I have only seen her on her “battlefield”; on the tennis court, she is like a lion waiting to catch its prey. Her body is charged with energy, very focused with constant moving on the field to track and return the ball.

Serena can be an example for us:  be with your body and soul where you are at that time, in the moment.  When we are at work let us be with our work, when we are doing other activity – let us enjoy. Let us be in the moment  both work and life after work, with all our heart and soul.  In the pictures below:  The happy couple are waving to the crowd after the ceremony. You can spot on the left corner, my daughter, Tamar.

Second picture is an enlargement to see Tamar and her  camera with cheering people around her.

Lastly, a picture of beautiful Serena Williams and her husband.



  1. Roxie Jackson on May 22, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    Let us be in the moment! What a strong statement. To be in the moment is a skill learned. It does require your soul, spirit and body. It is true focus, tunnel vision. Good example your working with a client on gait reeducation but the person has a fear issue secondary to something in their history. You must be empathetic/ sympathetic but your focus is on the goal. You know they have the ability, you find yourself in the moment. It becomes attainable, it happens and everyone around you including the client believes it’s a miracle. You know that it’s just about being in the moment! What you accomplished was just bring the client in the moment, that may pass all understand where now they believe in the possible.

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