Respiratory Presentation in Prime Rehabilitation Services, Program

Yaffa Liebermann PT, GCS, CEO of Prime Rehabilitation Services, provided a presentation on November 21, 2017 in Regency Jewish Heritage Post Acute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Somerset, NJ.

The presentation, entitled: “Respiratory System, Breathing Difficulty, And Energy Conservation. Anatomy, Philosophy, and Treatment Ideas” was presented to the therapists from the Regencies facilities as well as from other locations.

Yaffa loves to share her knowledge and takes pride in conveying both new and old concepts for therapy in order to improve patient status and help people to cope with COPD.

The core of the program was to teach the importance of long exhalation versus short inhalation to allow space in the lung for oxygenated air to flow in.

Trunk flexibility and muscle strength help patients to expand the rib cage for better breathing while simultaneously providing them with tools to fight a panic attack.
Postural drainage, percussion and vibration, and tissue test were practiced to ensure understanding of the program.
The lecture was very energetic. Therapists were engaged in the presentation. They were happy to be together – learning new ideas, eating a good dinner while earning free CEU.
It was an excellent experience for all!

About Prime Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

Prime Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (PRS) is a progressive, quality oriented company capable of providing a cost effective solution to the physical rehabilitative needs within your facility.  Founded in 1996 by Eli Liebermann, PhD, MBA and Yaffa Liebermann, PT, GCS, PRS provides comprehensive therapy programs required to succeed in an era of healthcare reform and risk-based payment.  The firm is headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey and maintains a satellite office in Yorktown Heights, New York.  


Yaffa Liebermann, PT, CEO
Geriatric Certified Specialist
Prime Rehabilitation Services, inc.


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