Rehabilitation Week at Gates Manor

Guest post by Floraine Emata-Pagcu, PT, DOR

Gates Manor is a Skilled Nursing facility for sub-acute and long-term care which is nestled in a beautiful area of Montclair, New Jersey. Prime Rehabilitation Services, Inc. is very proud to provide the patient-centered and quality rehabilitation programs including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology in one of the finest in New Jersey, recognized as one of the best nursing homes by US News and World Report.

The Rehabilitation team of PRS works in conjunction with the compassionate Nursing and facility personnel at the Gates Manor to ensure a warm, nurturing and clean home for our residents. National Rehabilitation Awareness is September 16-22,2018. To celebrate our efficient and highly skilled therapists, express our appreciation to the facility personnel and cultivate unity and team work among the different departments, we had a week-long of fun filled and informative activities.

To promote awareness on Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology, trivia questions were asked throughout the day, each day of the week, for the staff, resident’s families and the residents themselves to win prizes. This was warmly participated by everyone.

Roxie Jackson, PTA gave a very informative presentation on the history and evolution of Rehabilitation, particularly Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, dating back to 460 B.C., when the first documented practice of Physical therapy in Greece by Hippocrates during which he recommended therapeutic exercises because he understood the principles of muscle, ligament, and bone atrophy due to inactivity.

The Rehabilitation team also provided a re-education session for the Nursing Staff on “Proper Transfer Technique”, “Proper Body Mechanics”, “Fall Prevention” and “The Benefits of Exercise for the Caregivers.”

It was truly a great celebration! How did you celebrate?

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