Prime Rehabilitation Service’s Success Stories

Written by: Dritar Odza, OTR/L and Mark Mangam, PTA

Jeff is a 55 year old male who sustained a traumatic fall at home resulting in intracranial bleed. He was admitted to our facility on 4/2/2020 and was dependent for transfers, activities of daily living and unable to walk. He was experiencing symptoms of depression and had severe fear of falling. Throughout his stay at our facility he received physical therapy and occupational therapy and is now returning home today independent in activities of daily living and ambulating long distances with a cane. He states “I never thought I would walk again.” He typically led a sedentary lifestyle prior to the fall and now plans to continue his exercises and healthy lifestyle at home.- Dritar Odza, OTR/L

Sam is a 56 year old male who was admitted to the hospital with sepsis. He has a prior history of stroke with left hemiparesis. He was admitted to our facility on 3/19/20 and was dependent for transfers and activities of daily living. He contracted COVID-19 and graduated from the COVID unit on 4/29. He is a very determined, strong-willed and hard working man. He has been receiving physical therapy and today is able to ambulate in the parallel bars with Moderate assistance. His therapy is ongoing and with the help of Prime Rehabilitations Services and the nursing staff, we expect he will make even more progress. – Mark Mangam, PTA




  1. Roxie Jackson on May 19, 2020 at 7:30 pm

    I was shopping at the Bloomfield Shop Rite on May 16, 2020. Walking down the aisle with has cane was Jeff and his nephew he always talked about. He is so grateful for what the Regency Garden rehab team did for his life. That smile, that express of gratitude said a million thank you to the Regency Garden rehab team. Job well done!!!!!!

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