Posture and Breathing Presentation at the Monmouth Museum

Written by: Yaffa Liebermann, PT, GCS, CEO

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I would like to share my experience with an educational event which I attended yesterday.  Four months ago Jane Eisenberg, Art Director of Monmouth Museum, invited me to talk about correct posture and breathing for children. It was a successful event that led to the creation of gearing the discussion toward adults as well.

This event took place at the museum on Thursday the 25th of July. The participants arrived at 7:00 pm and varied in age from 45-75.  We created a great energetic evening and I would like to thank my husband for assisting me and taking on the role of the photographer during the event.

The presentation began with each one of the participants sharing their name and purpose for attending the presentation, which allowed me to gear the lecture in the appropriate direction.

I presented Prime Rehabilitation Services and Mobile Therapy Services and talked about our ability to serve people at home.

The presentation covered:
–  Core exercises and strengthening the muscles equally on the left and right/back and front.
–  Breathing: long inhalation versus short inhalation especially for people who experience Asthma, COPD, shortness of breath, etc.
–  Importance of maintaining an active lifestyle with correct posture as it influences your appearance and your health.
–  Standing equally on both legs and not favoring one leg or the other – “no discrimination”
–  How to prevent back pain by rotating gently the trunk from right to left in the morning prior to standing and it there is some back pain: “rotate it away from the painful side.”

If anyone suffered from back pain my advice was to buy the book “7 Steps To a Pain-Free Life” by Robin McKenzie and participate in Physical Therapy with a therapist who treats utilizing this method.

–  We practiced how to stretch the arms to open the chest cavity and inhale when you take a break from your computer.  As we stretch, we need to count to 11 or 20 seconds to make the stretching effective.
–  We utilized an elastic band to strengthen the upper body and keep the core strong.
–  We focused on correct posture from beginning to the end of the presentation.  We all stood up straighter, taller and showed off our beautiful smiles.

This was a wonderful evening for me;  sharing my professional experience and knowledge with the people.

They all seemed to enjoy it and an additional benefit was encouraging people to get out of their homes in order to attend an event.

It is important to get involved, meet people, share energy and to learn one or two new things while enjoying a positive evening.

I highly encourage everyone to check what types of educational programming is available around you and get involved! It will make you happier.


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