Physical and Occupational Therapy Presentation at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center

Naomi Schlesinger, M.D., Chief Professor of Medicine Division of Rheumatology, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, NJ. invited Yaffa Liebermann PT / Geriatric Clinical Specialist, CEO of Prime Rehabilitation Services, Inc. to present : “Arthritic Joint Management Ideas for: Evaluation, Treatment and Exercises”.

Rheumatologists, residents and students attended this wonderful presentation which focused on providing:

1) Therapeutic exercises to increase muscle strength, stretching to prevent joint contractures and reduce pain in order to increase patient function. Muscle functions: concentric and eccentric, reverses origin and insertion muscle action, open chain and closed chain exercises.

2) Splinting to prevent joint contracture, increase ROM for hygiene and ADLs, provide support for joints and reduce pain.

3) Compensatory strategies including education and training with adaptive devices and techniques to increase independence with self care.

The presentation was successful; the participants were fully engaged and the presenter was honored to share her clinical experience!


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