Opening Ceremony at Anchor Care Center


On March 24th, Prime Rehabilitation Services was invited to the Anchor Care Center Exposition, where they revealed their revolutionary robotic technology.

We were graciously greeted by Anchor’s administrator – Chaim Ribiat, Excelsior’s Regional Rehab Director – Leon Yagudayev, and Excelsior’s Chief Operating Officer – Isaac Wiener. The renovation of the facility was impressive.  All of the details including the paint and décor are aimed to please the patients and visitors.  The event itself was hosted in the rehab gym.

“Anchor Care Center is proud to offer EksonNR, an FDA approved cutting edge wearable robot that revolutionizes physical therapy after a stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury.  EksonNR allows patients to mobilize early in their recovery, offering many repetitions of intense, quality, task specific steps. The technology helps patients stand, work on balance, and most importantly, gain the ability to walk again.”

The physical therapist in charge of the demonstration did an excellent job of presenting how the machine aids in restoring the lost gait pattern in patients that are paralyzed or have had a stroke.

We were glad to have experienced such great advancement in medical technology.

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