Muscle strengthening related to function

Recently, muscle strengthening related to function was presented to the therapists in the facilities where we provide rehabilitation services. I would like to share with you the highlights of this presentation.

Integrated Muscle Action:

  • A single muscle action results in a chain reaction
  • The agonist is the prime mover contracted in a concentric way
  • The antagonist is the opposite to the prime mover, has to lengthen in eccentric way
  • The fixator has to stabilize both of them in order to allow a smooth action


Interchange Muscle Action:

  • Origin versus insertion of the muscle
  • Mobile versus stabile action
  • Dynamic versus static kinesthetic
  • Concentric versus eccentric muscle movement
  • Open versus closed kinetic chain exercises
  • Weight bearing for upper and lower extremity


Movement training must be done in the actual activity:

  • Good static balance in standing does not carry over into dynamic gait
  • Good dynamic balance is necessary in order to walk safely and effectively
  • Practice balance by standing and holding onto parallel bars, and walking on a variety of surfaces
  • Transfer to sitting on different surfaces – hard and soft chair seats on low and high chairs


In the pictures:

* The group is practicing Quadriceps strengthening in mid-range in full weight bearing

* Practice with the patient: Rotation in standing

* Practice with the patient : Rotation in sitting


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