Meeting at CEO’s Home

There is something to be said about the honor of being invited to attend a quarterly educational meeting at the home of the company’s CEO.   Since Prime Rehabilitation Services and Mobile Therapy Services remain a therapist owned company, Yaffa and Eli Liebermann opened their home to the management team to show where the passion for exceptional patient care originates from.


Photos, mementos,  and stories were shared about their family history encouraging people to search in their own family history to document for their own children. As the children grow up, they will know the roots of their heritage.


Dr. and Mrs. Liebermann were born, met and married in Israel. They moved to the state and settled into Ocean Twp. New Jersey.  Four children later, they launched Prime Rehabilitation Services with a commitment to serving the geriatric long term residents in nursing homes in the Tri-State area. Eli opened Innovated Power Solution: a company which built generators to airplanes. He later sold it to Zodiac Aircraft Industry. Twenty years later, along with eight grandchildren, Eli joined Yaffa in the rehab world and they launched Mobile Therapy Services which provides therapy in the home.


By sharing their stories and purpose, it gave rise to the further commitment of their management team – while national companies will flash and dash, they remain devoted to their team and the patients they serve.  There is something to be said about a simple invitation that opens a new chapter.


Where you come from shapes where you are going and who you are taking with you.


It was only fitting that the educational part of the day was focused on regulatory changes expected in October 2019, specifically the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM).  While many in the industry are concerned with the revolutionary payment structure, Prime Rehabilitation Services recognizes that therapy remains a critical part of recovery, “if you provide quality care, the money will follow”.


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