Juvenile Diabetes Support

Oren Liebermann ( our son) was the key note speaker in The Diabetes Center team at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in a conference “Living Well with Diabetes: Now and in the Future” on Saturday March 24, 2018

It was a great and very informative conference. Oren told his story when he learned that he had acquired Juvenile diabetes while he was traveling around the world . The realization caused him and his wife to come home to get proper treatment.

In the conference, Oren emphasized that the most important thing to do when faced with whatever disease you have is: follow your dream, continue with your life and do not stop.

Currently, he is doing well and has been using newly developed devices to check and monitor his sugar.

One of Oren’s dream was to write a book about traveling and is looking for a great topic about travel. He found it. The book is called “Insulin Express” which deals with encouraging people who have acquired diseases such as Diabetes to move on and follow their dreams and desires. The book is available on Amazon.

The auditorium had at least 100 people- parents and children. They asked questions and approached Oren to find out what guidelines he would recommend.

It was great to see that while one would ask a question the other one will share his experience. It is a group of people that share a common disease that try to help each other

Oren’s message is: learn how to deal with the subject and continue with your life. Do not stop.


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