Free Dementia Course

In this ever-changing healthcare environment, there are times when the patient’s perspective can get misunderstood. Relias has made available for free a powerful and insightful educational training course, “A Day in the Life of Henry: A Dementia Experience” to promote empathy for Dementia Sufferers.

“A Day in the Life of Henry provides professionals across the healthcare continuum who care for people with dementia a new perspective, opening up training in a manner that facilitates new answers to questions such as: What is life really like for someone with dementia? How do they perceive their environment? How do interactions with caregivers affect their reactions? This course helps learners experience this reality, even briefly, allowing them to better understand the importance of their actions.

“One of the challenges healthcare professionals face is understanding how patients feel, and understanding the reality in which patients with dementia live, and its impact on their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors,” explained Ben Johnson, CPO at Relias. “Experiencing this reality, even vicariously and for a short time through this course, helps us understand the importance of our interventions, no matter how minor they may seem.”

Please consider sharing with your staff.

Thank you Relias for making this training video experience available for all to benefit from.

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