Director of Rehabilitation Meeting

On January 23rd, 2018, the Directors and Corporate Management team of Prime Rehabilitation Services met for a quarterly meeting.  The meeting was focused on sharing information, supporting each other and decision making as a company.

Yaffa Liebermann, PT/CEO, GCS and Michelle Wall, OTR/DOR provided a presentation on G-Codes.  The presentation focused on definition of G-codes, the importance of recording the limitations, common mistakes in reporting the limitations and procedure for reporting G-Codes.   Many wonderful questions were asked during the presentation and all members now possess a greater understanding of the topic as it relates to patient care, audits and documentation.

Eli Liebermann visited the meeting and was excited to share the overall health and wellness of PRS at present.  He and Yaffa offered insight into opportunities and direction of PRS.  He also led the group in a very passionate conversation about the ideals in which PRS operates in order to provide the best patient care in the industry.

Erin Berkowsky, OTR/Program Director, provided handouts and led a discussion regarding our current method of scheduling for therapists as it relates to company payroll processes.

The group enjoyed a wonderful lunch together while discussing specific situations within their own locations and problem solved together!

Certificates were presented one by one to each of the Directors of Rehab.  Each award highlighted one particular area in which the Director excelled during the 2017 year and many laughs were shared regarding the witty award wording (G-Code Guru, Carepoint Czar, Master of Documentation).

During the afternoon session of the meeting, Vanessa Cardenas, COO, presented “PPS 2018: COT 2.0 Advance Use”.  This presentation was focused on providing our Directors of Rehab with additional tips / guidance on difficult situations they might encounter during a patient therapy stay.  As the Medicare system continues to undergo yearly changes and revisions, Vanessa has been instrumental in ensuring our Directors and Therapists stay up to date with the changes.  Each Director had the opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences and contribute additional ideas!

To end the meeting, Yaffa provided each participant with a delicious “goodie bag” in thanks for attending the meeting and working together to ensure PRS continues to grow and flourish!

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