Covid-19 Mother’s Day – Children caring for their mothers

Written by: Yaffa Liebermann, PT, GCS, CEO

Usually during Mother’s Day, we write about how important mothers are in the lives of their children and what a great job they did raising them to be responsible & kind.

This Mother’s Day has a twist. The roles seem to be reversed in many relationships. The (now grown) children are caring for their mothers.

As you know, I am in the high-risk group due to my age and my compromised immune system due to the immunosuppressants I am taking. Since this pandemic began, my children are calling me daily to check in, see how I feel, and make sure I am staying home.

When they heard that I went to socially distance with friends, they became very angry with me. They know me by now, and they know that I am not following the socially distancing rules to the T. Because of this, they asked that I stop to socially distance and stay home. I was touched by how much they cared. So, I am following their orders with love (at least most of their orders).

This quarantine is making us reevaluate what is important in our lives. I didn’t quite realize how that my children love me in the same way that I love them. Wishing you happiness and health.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Written by: Lynda Cuccinello, PTA, Recruiter

Covid-19 Mother’s Day
Feelings of love, respect & loss

Having a Mother who has devoted her life to the care of others has always been a blessing. She has selflessly put others before herself throughout her career, and taught me to do the same. My mother has been an active R.N. for 55 years, and has touched the lives of the homeless to celebrities, from their very first breath to their last.

However, today’s situation is a bit different for my mother working as a Hospice R.N. She needs take precautions as she dresses and leaves for work. She is on call from 5pm to 5am, often leaving her home and/or bed to care for the Geriatric population who are in the final stages affected with this virus. Many times, she arrives only to comfort their families as they have passed onto their next destination due to this evil Pandemic that has descended upon us. Some evenings require changing her uniform 3-4 times in the garage prior to re-entering the house, but she continues to go out on each call.

As her daughter, I am petrified for her safety from this highly contagious virus. I am in constant prayer for her protection from contracting it.

Just as the families of the patients locked in the Nursing and Rehab facilities that are unable to see their loved ones at this time, I am unable to see her due to her exposure to the virus. We live within walking distance from each other, and it has been very difficult for my family and children to keep apart from her. Having the knowledge of what is happening to our elder population doesn’t make the necessary distancing easy for any of us.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Roxie Jackson on May 12, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    The mother? To be of good service to others. To have a mother. To be a mother. To have had a mother. The two stories about mothers is very touching.

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