Building a Plan for Success

Guest Post by Christopher Nigroni, OTR, DOR

At Regency Grande Nursing Center, our rehab team prides itself on thorough, client- specific discharge planning. The Prime Rehabilitation Services, Inc. team here and across all our NJ/NY/PA locations strives for excellent therapy services and patient care. But what does that mean without proper discharge planning?

A proper discharge plan begins on day one, gathering detailed information about the client’s home setting, layout, support structure, and prior level of function. Our rehab team works side by side with social services to coordinate family meetings with every client who walks through our doors. At that point an effective discharge plan can be structured, and vital questions are answered. What equipment is at home? How many stairs are present? Who is available to provide care at home? These types of questions help the team ensure all necessary equipment is ordered, and home care services are provided. We want the clients and families to feel confident and prepared for a successful transition from our facility to the home, apartment, or wherever they may be going.

Part of that confidence is established with proper family training. The rehab team works alongside family and caregivers to demonstrate the progress made w/ physical, occupation, and speech therapy services. We educate on proper instruction to provide the client, safe use of assistive devices and durable medical equipment with various self-care tasks, and positioning of the caregiver during forms of mobility including car transfers, toileting, stairs, and ambulation. We want to eliminate stress, and for families to be excited for their loved ones’ return home!


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