As a reminder, Prime Rehabilitation Services Inc. (PRS) is a local and experienced provider ready for PDPM

By Yaffa Liebermann, PT, GCS, CEO

As we approach the October 1 change to PDPM, we understand this may be the opportunity you take to see what options are available that will maintain or increase client outcomes and at the same time focus on increased profitability for the facility.

As a reminder, Prime Rehabilitation Services Inc. (PRS) is a local and experienced provider of Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services for Skilled Nursing facilities around the tri-state area.

When the PDPM (patient-driven payment-model) takes effect on October 1st all Skilled Nursing facilities will benefit from having a therapy provider who is keenly focused on successful patient outcomes.

With all facilities receiving the same amount of money from the government whether they provide therapy or not – at first it seems like therapy would simply be an added business expense…but we know that comprehensive therapy, with a focus on true patient care, is required to gain valuable referrals, avoid re-hospitalizations, successful state surveys, along with good reviews on the public and within the PEPPER report.

With all those things in place, you can assure your facility will be a top selection for partners, that your occupancy rates will remain high and the facility will be as profitable as ever!  At Prime Rehab we’ve always had a proactive therapy-driven business model so our organization is already primed to be a true difference maker for facilities when the PDPM kicks in.

We like to be proactive and we’re assuring facilities we work with are ahead of the new regulations.  Please let us know when over the coming weeks you might be available to talk over how we can make a positive impact on.


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your facility as well.

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