A Special Thank You This Mother’s Day

“I appreciate the women in my life.

Gift yourself a moment to consider all of the women in your lineage that came before you. All of the love and labor they lived that laid the path for you to be where you are today. Pause. Then turn your awareness back to the present moment and bring to mind all of the women that have touched you in your life and continue to be by your side, supporting you in being who you are today.”

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honor mothers and influential mother-like figures. It is a day to celebrate motherhood and a time where love, gratitude and appreciation is shown through acts of kindness and the giving of gifts. They need more than flowers and a day off –  Mother’s need more than traditional self-care. We need to show recognition, deep and lasting recognition, that the work they do as caregivers is invaluable.

Here are a few ideas and activities that we can do with those important women in our lives to show how much we care about them and their well-being:

  •  Bring out the home movies and/or photo albums – go down memory lane
    ●    Head out to the park — walk around, play, and enjoy being outside together
    ●    Walk around and look at the blooming trees and wildflowers at the Botanical Gardens newest exhibit
    ●    Making a healthy and delicious brunch spread together

Make sure mothers and influential mother-like figures in your life knows how much you love and appreciate them.

Send a message to one or all of these women to let them know: “I appreciate you”

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