A Commendation For Roxie Jackson, PTA


This award is presented to Roxie Jackson Physical Therapy Assistant in the Regency Grande Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for providing me with exceptional service during my stay in January 2018. Her superior work ethic and ongoing quest for excellence shows that she is not only a true professional, but she also displays the highest level of patient care, and unparalleled grace.

This award is presented annually to those who are the cream of the crop in their specific disciplines and have displayed that they will not hesitate to go that extra mile to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. This award is presented to the individuals who stand head and shoulders over all their peers and make a major impact on our communities ultimately becoming their customers’ “Preferred Provider.” They are the dedicated, responsible and accountable associates who show up every day ready to give more than a 100% team effort to get the job done. They have a passion for their jobs and for the people interaction that goes along with it.

To receive this prestigious award individuals or a group must see the big picture. This goes way beyond being the consummate professional, having knowledge in a given field, focusing on company profitability and obtaining great results. This has to do with responding to a calling that is bigger than one’s self. This is about disciplining one’s mind to positively impact people’s lives in a positive way without any hidden motive or agenda—to do just for the joy and satisfaction of doing something that is edifying. The individuals that receive this award are people of integrity who operate from a solid core of higher (spiritual) values like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. When one embraces such qualities, there is no one who can bring a valid charge against them.

Combining these qualities with a desire to serve others and being pro-active Roxie provided me with both expertise and compassion. She appears to be driven by his very high inner work standards and the willingness to serve. As she embraced the concept of “excellence” in her pursuit of perfection, she has taken ultimate customer satisfaction to another level and raised the bar of achievement by marrying professionalism with grace. So, because of the passion she has for her job and for the way she embraced me as a valuable patient, it is my pleasure and my honor to present her with the Kenneth E. Overby “Best of the Best Award” for 2018.

Kenneth E. Overby

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